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With the participation of Prof. Dr. Piet Dirix (Radiotherapy-Oncology - Iridium Kankernetwerk, University of Antwerp) and Prof. Dr. Steven Joniau (Urology, University hospitals Leuven)
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Burning questions about prostate cancer

Recent developments have occurred in the therapeutic approach of prostate cancer. New concepts have emerged regarding the pathophysiology of the disease while the therapeutic tools that have been made available are more and more sophisticated. At the same time, this evolution is raising several questions:

  • Is ablative radiotherapy really useful in advanced prostate cancer?
  • Is non-metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer just a blip on the radar? If not, how to handle this setting?  
  • Has the prognosis of patients on the castration resistant prostate cancer continuum changed?
  • Will these new findings influence your clinical practice and to what extent will they have an impact on the patient?    
  • Can we now significantly prolong patients’ lives while preserving their quality of life?

Join us for the e-learning and listen to experts in the field sharing their experience and discussing all these topics in a dynamic and interactive way.

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