Practical immunology of MS: tailoring our treatments and anticipating their impacts CP 2

Accrédité pour les médecins - 21001890 - 2CP

Durée du cours: 137min
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While our armamentarium of so-called high-efficacy drugs grows, each have distinct impacts on the immune system and the underlying disease processes. Mastering these different modes of actions and their consequences is key when choosing for the most adapted treatment strategy and treatment option for an individual patient. The risk of infections and potential for vaccination should also be taken into consideration, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To discuss these key elements, we have here a panel of experts (*) who will complement mechanistic and trial considerations with their own extensive experiences, in order to share useable and practical advices and tips.

Prof. Luisa Klotz, MD, PhD - Uniklinik Münster, Germany 
Prof. Dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch - Universitair MS Centrum
Prof. Dominique Dive, MD, PhD - University Hospital of Liège, Belgium